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Providing you and your team with the tools to excel on a personal and organizational level is what we are about.

Educating since 1993, Frank Damelio, Founder of Target Intellect, has helped thousands reach their potential by developing their professional skills.

The Target Intellect difference: No yawning.

We've all been there. Content-dumping, power point-driven training leaves us glossy-eyed, zoning out and yawning. The experience can be overwhelmingly boring if not painful. By the end, participants feel they've wasted time, and the booker knows she's wasted budget.

Our clients will tell you that our delivery makes the difference. Dynamic and interactive presentations ensure that everyone is engaged throughout the learning process. Each seminar is carefully crafted by a team of experienced educators to attract and hold attention. The result is a participatory learning experience that is memorable, professional and fun. Attendees leave motivated to apply their new skills, and the event organizer receives rave reviews.

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