Team Building: Custom vs. Canned

April 4th, 2008 by Frank Damelio

dreamstime_7405857[1]An off-the-shelf team building session can surely be fun and inspiring, but why don’t we usually experience lasting results?

When you give your employees a team-building experience by using your own staff or external experts it is easy to make it invigorating and fun by using interactive activities like competition and games that underscore your points.

One of the greatest goals, however, is to have your message resonate with employees and speak to their specific concerns.  As a presenter, you want each participant to appreciate that you can feel and articulate her pain, and that you can almost read her mind with respect to frustrations and challenges.

Not impossible.  In fact, the solution is simple.  The presenter of the team-building experience must interview many of the participants from various levels of the organization.  It is a common and grave mistake to only speak to executives about what they wish to accomplish through the program.  In most cases this will doom your program to a fun, yet frivolous event at best.  By interviewing at all levels you will see entirely different perspectives on the same team issues.

In delivering your team-building experience, you can speak to these issues and you will see eyes light up and heads nodding.  Your participants now have a reason to buy in, because they know you “get it”.

More to come!

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