Work Force Training Fund: Boon in lean times

April 9th, 2008 by Frank Damelio

GrantMoneyWork Force Training Fund: Finding the fat in lean times

We are not in a recession – technically.  However, most businesses are feeling the pinch of a slower economy and a weakening consumer confidence index. 

In leaner times, enhancing your worker productivity may not merely be a question of competitive advantage but also a requisite to your company’s survival.  Irrespective of your industry, to increase the bottom line, you must enhance the performance of your people, which requires continual professional development.

Ironically, in tough fiscal times, worker training and development is often among the first items to be nixed from the budget.  This is a short-term fix that leads to negative long-term repercussions. It hurts the morale of your workforce, and it deprives workers of the skills, strategies and motivation to keep your business thriving.

In theory, most business owners and executive would agree.  The reality is that when facing the challenges of weaker economy, cuts must be made to meet the budget.

There is an answer: Work Force Training Fund.  According to Frank Damelio, President of Target Intellect, a training company that focuses on sales, persuasion, and presentational skills, “It’s easy to find the fat in lean times.  It is shocking how many small and medium-sized companies haven’t heard of the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund”.  The fund is essentially a pool of money that is granted to companies to fund most types of professional development training.  The grants typically range from $2,000 to $250,000. The money comes from companies that pay into Massachusetts Unemployment Insurance.  Grants are competitive, but reasonably attainable.

“Most companies have never heard of this resource or are simply too daunted to apply.”  Target Intellect works with its non-profit grant writing team that writes and submits the grants for his clients.  “It’s a free service, whether or not they get accepted; so it makes it easy for them.  Owners are amazed when they learn about this resource to help them pay for the training they need, and they are relieved when then know our grant writers will do most of the work and hand-holding for them.”

Fat in lean times is certainly a savory prospect in this sluggish economy.  Mangers and business owners who would like to take advantage of the Workforce Training Fund program can contact your free tour guide, Frank Damelio at 508 596 5390.

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  1. grant kit 360 Says:

    Great information thanks for getting this out there for people like me to read.

  2. Frank Damelio Says:

    You are quite welcome. What kind of grants do you work with?

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