Public Speaking: Exceptional Presentation Closer

January 5th, 2009 by Frank Damelio

We usually talk about the importance of the first impression, but let’s remember that the last impression is . . .well . . .lasting.   I recall seeing a phenomenal 10-minute presentation at a local BNI.  The presenter was a great public speaker and had us wanting to know more.  I was truly surprised when he ended his excellent presentation with the dreaded “and . . . that’s about it”.  Wow! How many people do that?  Just pay attention to the closers you hear in the coming weeks and I think you’ll be surprised.

 Why does this happen?  Research shows that nerves spike highest seconds before you’re on, the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds.  People feel very uncomfortable closing their presentations.  There is no magic secret here; it’s simple preparation.  Use one of the  power-opener techniques for a power close and, if appropriate, add a call to action.  Here is an example from a sales presentation on financial planning:

 “Getting from point A to point B won’t happen by chance.  This simple process of defining, paying yourself first and assessing ensures that you have the best opportunity to reach your retirement goals.  Please raise your hand if you see the value of beginning your own three-step plan today.  (Count them by pointing). Excellent, then I’d ask each of you to fill out the forms in your booklet now and then to see one of us so that we may help you get started.”

What exceptional closers have you heard?  Please share.

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