Public Speaking: Networking + Business Cards = More ROI

January 7th, 2009 by Frank Damelio

Here is a tip for networkers to maximize their time investment in public speaking.

After presenting to a group about your expertise, each member of your audience should have your business card and you should have theirs.  How do you accomplish this?

1. Provide a hand out that bullets the main points of your presentation.  Use a paperclip or a dab of re-stickable glue to attach your business card.

2. Do a drawing that requires collection of their business card.  The prize should relate to your topic: best to give away your own product; or if you don’t sell your own, buy a book about your topic.  This will ensure that you’re not collecting junk contacts for your database.  Most of the people who enter the drawing will have an interest in your topic.  Tip: have blank business-card size pieces of paper for the people who “forgot” their business cards.

Upon arrival to the office, immediately enter the cards into your database and email each person a thank you for attending PLUS at least one of the following: 1) join me on Linked in; 2) sign up for my blog updates; 3) sign up for our newsletter; 4) you are invited to our next presentation.  The important point is to have a call to action.

Networkers understand that public speaking opportunities are an inexpensive way to reach out to many people in one shot.  What many do not realize is that if you don’t walk away with a stack of contacts that have an interest in your area of expertise, and if you don’t immediately take action, then much of your time investment is squandered.

There you have it, one tip that will more than double your ROI when using public speaking to network.

What other tricks of the trade have you seen successfully employed?  Please share.

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