Public Speaking: Fear – Dry Throat

February 12th, 2009 by Frank Damelio

dreamstime_11462314[1]Veiling your fear of public speaking is quite simple, once you know the quick-fix tricks.  We’ve already discussed how to stop the shaky hands and how to stop the shaky voice.  Now we’ll share a simple technique for handling the dry throat.  

Just do a search on the web, and you’ll find many people seeking a remedy for the dry throat when they become anxious.  Here it is:

1) Forget water because it quickly dissipates within a minute.  If, however, you do drink water before or during your presentation, make sure it is at room temperature because cold water constricts the throat making public speaking more difficult.

2) The best remedy: luke warm orange juice.  It will give your throat a silky coating that will LAST through your presentation.

3) If you’re caught off-guard and have nothing with you: Imagine eating Sour Patch Kids, which will get your saliva glands into action.

4) A teaspoon of honey will give you a lasting coating, and it may be more palatable for you than luke warm OJ.

The benefit to you of using one of these remedies is that you won’t have to swallow mid sentence when public speaking, which is a dead giveaway that your are nervous.  Now with one less thing to worry about, you can concentrate on your delivery.

Please share your comments on how to veil your fear of public speaking.

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3 Responses to “Public Speaking: Fear – Dry Throat”

  1. Nick Allain Says:

    Shaky hands is my visible fear when it comes to public speaking. I know that one trick is to hold something heavy but at times that can be just as awkward if you’re holding a prop that you don’t need.

    I think the worst thing you can do is pay too much attention to it but that in itself is a catch 22.

  2. Frank Damelio Says:

    Hi Nick!

    You can always just hold a professional pad with bullet points to reference. That will never look awkward. If it’s not a formal presentation, you can put ONE hand in the pocket and lean with the other – which looks very confident and completely veils your fear of public speaking.

    Thanks for participating!


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