Public Speaking: Verbal Branding

June 7th, 2009 by Frank Damelio

First, watch the video above: an eight-minute distillation of Stephen Melanson’s vast knowledge of verbal branding.  Stephen is the author of the seminal book:  Jaw BrandingTM

The main points to remember:

1) You have five seconds to pique interest

2) Two methods to do so: a) ambiguity b) differentiation

3) Pause after your five-second intro, and wait for a question

4) Avoid selling on category

5) Less is better – people only remember one or two things you said

6) When asked about your category, respond: “Of course we do that, but what makes us different and better is . . .”

Some of Stephen’s questions to help you discover your point of differentiation:

What negative assumptions exist in the marketplace about what you do?

You are the only one who . . . 

What happens to clients who use your services/goods?

If you started the business over, you would . . . 

What’s the one thing people should remember about you?

What would be a risky message?

What problems do you solve?

What are you most passionate about?

How are you recreating the market?

Where is there a gap in the market?

I commit to “X”; nobody else will.

What’s the personality of your organization?

What is working well now?

Want more?  

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10 Responses to “Public Speaking: Verbal Branding”

  1. Alejandro Tornato Says:

    Hello Frank:

    Let me begin by saying that truly you have “Magic Fingers”, great trick once again.
    Secondly, excellent presentation on verbal branding, and how to really capture people’s attention in a very short time, “a bullet kind of introduction”, and the great technique is leaving them thinking, so they can ask the magic question “Can you explain it with more details?”. Thank you for sharing this with us, your broader audience.

    Just to let you know, I will be starting very soon to work on a motivational speech project, through Toastmasters. Basically, it will consist of working through the Competent Communicator manual once again, but each speech will be a piece of a trure personal experience on a consecutive order. Therefore, upon finishing the 10 speeches from the manual, I will hopefully have a longer presentation, or seminar on motivation/inspiration, that I may be able to present to different groups. I may be thinking of doing smaller pieces in a video format and downloaded to my blog, or website (when I get around to having one in place). May be thinking of doing and E-book as well.
    These are all ideas to be put into action and implementing them.
    Thank you for your encouragement on previous emails. Take care and let us conquer the world one word at a time.
    Alejandro Tornato.

  2. Pat Arone Says:

    It just keeps getting better and better Frank! Ambiguity is a great way to put it!

    Don’t tell them until they need to know……………………….

    I also love the way you put the breaks in for imact!!

    Really Great!!

    Keep it up!

  3. Lily Smiley Says:

    You are phenomenal! This is very informative and helpful — just brilliant.

    I hung onto every word with intense interest.

    You are extremely wise.


  4. Jamie Resker Says:

    With your explanation and examples this approach makes SO much sense. Thanks for including the questions. Keep the info coming Frank (and I don’t say this to many people 🙂


  5. ron christiansen Says:

    This is brilliant; never realized we sell on category. Keep up the great work & the magic is truly amazing!

  6. Bella Nox Says:

    Hello Frank,

    Once again…nice video. Neat trick, but I have to admit – my card was not the queen of hearts…but I made it a point NOT to pick that one. :p However – The tips are still very helpful! Your videos are great – but I think I could really help you make them better. We should meet up sometime and go over some of my ideas – maybe then you’ll realize you need me. 😉 You really are great at what you do and I look forward to more tricks and tips.


  7. Stephen Melanson Says:

    Hi Frank, can’t thank you enough for featuring some of my ideas on Verbal Branding and my book, Jaw Branding.

    I thought I’d mention to your friendly audience, first, that I can be contacted about speaking engagements like the one where we met and second, look on my site – – for a blog post featuring your company, Target Intellect.

    Stephen Melanson

  8. Shannon Says:

    I am better and different!!!

  9. Frank Damelio Says:

    Hi Bella,

    If you didn’t get queen, that means you are most likely a Communist – JK. Glad you still liked the tips. Your ideas are always great and you do seem detail oriented. Keep reading the blog and adding you insightful comments. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  10. Herbert Gittere Says:

    You cannot believe how long ive been searching for something like this. Scrolled through 5 pages of Yahoo results couldnt find diddly squat. First page of bing. There was this…. Really gotta start using that more often

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