Public Speaking: Project Confidence

July 29th, 2009 by Frank Damelio

Of all public speaking tips, these may have the most universal appeal.

In Video Lesson One, we discovered how to veil the nerves caused by fear of public speaking: shaky hands, shaky voice, dry throat, and fear of freezing.

In this ten-minute video we will uncover the secrets of emulating confidence. There are some situations in which, no matter how well-prepared you are, you will feel the pressure. That’s okay because you now know how to veil the tell-tale signs of nerves (Lesson I); so you are ready to learn how to appear confident on the outside, even though you don’t feel that way on the inside.

Apply these five public speaking tips to projecting confidence, and you will shine. Nobody will detect the fear you may be experiencing. The beauty is, just by simply knowing these tips, you will actually begin to feel more confident from within. That’s a double bonus.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this “how to overcome fear” training video. Please share it by clicking any of the icons below.

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6 Responses to “Public Speaking: Project Confidence”

  1. Myra Astorga Says:

    Although I’ve taken public speaking courses in the past, this was a nice reminder of the do’s and don’ts in public speaking. Thanks.

    Myra Astorga

  2. John Peculis Says:

    Great video, Frank (as usual). I expect a check in the mail for the use of my name in the beginning.

  3. Public Speaking Training Expert David Portney Says:

    Emulation is solid, solid advice to give, Frank.

    This is taking control of an otherwise subconscious process that is totally natural – absorbing behaviors from people around us.


    David Portney

  4. fear of speaking Says:

    nice video…really helpful..thanks!

  5. Public Speaking Tips and Techniques [2009-08-29] Says:

    […] Damelio asserts that projecting confidence will calm your […]

  6. Bella Nox Says:

    Great video, once again. I have to say your video blogs are my favorite. I love seeing some of your personality come through and you have a GREAT smile. It really helps the audience connect with you and want to keep watching! Great advice as always! Keep up the good work!


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