Power of Persuasion: Look Like a Big Fish Part I

December 1st, 2009 by Frank Damelio

Catch 22: Small business pursues big business clients.  The challenge? Big businesses tend to select other big businesses as their vendors.

Solution: Look bigger.

Lisa Kirby Gibbs of Highland-March Office Business Center and I just gave a presentation at WPI on how a budding entrepreneur can appear larger.

Today I will share with you the first three of the top ten tips to appearing to be a bigger fish:

1) While there is nothing wrong with working from your home office, never appear to be working from your home office.  A virtual office is an inexpensive way to appear established.

2) If you are a male, have a female leave your outgoing message on your voice mail.  If you are a female, have a male deliver your message. Never use an answering machine as callers can tell, and it communicates that you are working from your basement.

3) Think about your title. Something I learned too late. Putting “CEO” or “President” on you business card actually makes your company look smaller.  Giving yourself the title “Director of Marketing” or “SVP Sales” makes your company look far bigger.

A caveat: there is a difference between managing your impression and over spinning.  Always be guided by your ethics.

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18 Responses to “Power of Persuasion: Look Like a Big Fish Part I”

  1. Bella Nox Says:

    Hello Frank,

    Glad to see a new blog – I have missed your invaluable advice! I never considered tip #3 – interesting that making yourself look bigger, makes your company look smaller. As always, looking forward to future blogs! 🙂


  2. Frank Damelio Says:

    Bella! Now there’s a video accompanying it – hope you enjoy and thanks for your comment.

  3. Bella Nox Says:

    Frank! Love the video as usual. You are so friendly and inviting – no one could say no to you. lol. I really enjoyed it! 🙂


  4. Frank Damelio Says:

    LOL – that would be great if nobody could say no to me – I’d be the richest man!!

  5. Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez Says:

    Interesting tips, Frank! Business and psychology go hand in hand. Add awareness to the equation and you’re bound for success. I really appreciate your magic tricks and caveat about ethics. Looking forward to the other videos!

  6. Brian Pioggia Says:

    Once again, Frank Damelio comes through with something that makes you say….hmm…”I should be doing that”! Great job Frank. I always look forward to your tips and blogs and seminars! It is always time well spent. I think you should market these segments with something like “Talking Frank”…what do you think!?! – Brian

  7. Lily Smiley Says:

    Frank, this is a great video — So informative and interesting. Looking so forward to your next one. Thanks so much for the excellent advice.

    Lily Smiley

  8. Alejandro Tornato Says:

    Thank you Frank for another powerful blog, with three interesting and practical points in making your business look bigger than it really is.
    I am already looking forward to the next blog.

  9. Tim Lockwood Says:

    Great Job with this segment Frank, as always you “open our eyes” to the little things that make a big difference. I look forward to the next one.

  10. Zee Swenson Says:

    Hello dahling,
    tip # 3 was interesting and informative… phew, i have always been a director, now i am glad i made a good decision.
    you always make me smile… take care!

  11. Christine Simone Says:

    Well said Frankie! I’m sharing your link with some friends that are running their own business.

  12. Lynn Cheney Says:

    Frank, you are so creative. The statement, “think outside the box” was coined from your thinking! While viewing the video, I spoke “why?” and you responded, “why you ask?” in the video. lol! It was the closest thing, in months, to a real conversation with you.

    Regardless, I enjoyed the video and, as usual, learned something new from you.
    Thank you

  13. Pat Arone Says:

    Great Info!!

  14. Doris Klietmann Says:

    Hello Frank,

    Great advice – I never thought about point 2 and 3!
    I like the video very much. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    Thank you

  15. April Yu Says:


    Wonderful tips! As we prepare ourselves to be Entrepreneurs, these advices are very valuable. Usually we start from small fish to be big fish, but we can look bigger than we are. It’s not cheating, instead it’s the strategy we need to master.

    Well done! Look forward to more tips!!

  16. Irene C. Says:

    Frank, thank you for quick, great tips. I always receive good messages from your works and apply that knowledge. Your generosity is appreciated, especially in times of recession. I look forward to your next blog.

    Irene C.

  17. Kimmi Says:

    Awesome, as usual! I always look forward to your videos. Hope all is well with you and the family~ Keep up the good work!!

  18. Mark Hannon Says:

    This is great Frank! Hope you have a Merry Festivus and keep up the awesome work.
    ::two thumbs up::

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