Master Public Speaking

The ability to present with impact is among the most important skills associated with strong leadership. Public speaking is also one of the most feared experiences.

  • The quick fix: How can you look confident even when you are feeling the pressure?
  • What are the four most effective ways to veil the nerves?
  • What are the five sure-fire methods to display confidence?
  • Is practicing really the answer?
  • Only the bold are confident enough to do this . . .
  • Psychological practices proven to reduce the heart rate.
  • Which of the four power openers is the usually most effective?
  • The long-term approach: Developing a confidence that will have you forward to your speaking opportunities.
  • What is the real secret to stopping the "ums" and "ahs"?
  • Even most pros make this mistake with eye contact . . .
  • Your body language speaks louder than your words.
    What are you telegraphing to your audience?
  • When you speak, which of the eight subtle hand gestures do you use?
    What does this say to your audience?
  • Why visual aids are usually a poor choice.
  • Power opener, transitioning, building credibility, power close
  • Call to action: How do you get your audience to do what you want them to do?
  • How do you ensure your audience likes, admires and respects you?

Program options:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar
  • Option 3: Two-day hands-on workshop (Limited seating: 12 maximum)
  • Option 4: Personal coaching

Who should attend?

Executives, managers, sales representatives, human resources managers, and anyone who wishes to speak with impact.

Rave Reviews

“Thank you again for the wonderful presentation Nix the Nerves that you made to the Early Risers Toastmasters Club. As Toastmasters, we are always searching for ways to be more comfortable while engaged in public speaking. We all agreed that your presentation on this topic was one of the most concise, practical and useful that we have heard.”
— Karen Kempskie-Aquino, President, Early Risers Toastmasters Worcester
“This was the most helpful seminar I have attended. Frank is a fantastic presenter who has mastered the art of teaching while being extremely entertaining. I would have gotten my money's worth if I left after the first half!”
— Brian Pioggia, Sales Manager, Northeast Energy Partners
“Frank Damelio provided all sorts of useful advice to his listeners: on the right kind of body language, maintaining eye contact, avoiding the killer “umms” and “ahhhs” etc. He did not stumble once or miss a beat.”
— Rod Lee, Worcester T&G, The Buzz
“Seminars are supposed to be boring . . . NOT YOURS!”
— Shawn O'toole, Producer, N.E. Insurance
“Frank is very confident in what he presents. Excellent! Makes you feel at ease. When you attend his seminar you will feel like you are ready to tackle any presentation. Just put the tools he provides to work.”
— Christine Lucier, AVP Branch Manager, Bay State Savings Bank
“Frank was wonderful in his presentation and very energetic! It would be nice to have someone like Frank to do all our training and presentations at the bank.”
— Joel Lamerano, Assistant Branch Manager, Bay State Savings Bank
“I was scared to death about public speaking. Frank has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking, especially in front of my peers.”
— Kim Lussier, BayState Financial Services
“Great return on my investment!”
— Lucie M. Lemke, Vice President,
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
“Frank's public speaking seminar gave me the tools to become a more confident public speaker. I would highly recommend this seminar to the beginner and seasoned speaker alike.”
— Peter Connly, President, Mass Commercial Cleaning
“I was impressed with the total presentation and feel that learning about body gestures, do and don'ts will be a great help and learning tool.”
— Jack Kennedy, Operations Manager, Mass Commercial Cleaning
“I have a 45-minute presentation on November 4. I was very nervous before attending this seminar. Now I already have more confidence with the knowledge I gained today in one seminar. Great job!”
— Jo Erickson, Web Developer, Your Page Today Web Design
“These (speaking) tools are priceless, thank you!”
— Scott Garieri, President, Garieri Jewelers
“I've seen Frank present wonderfully. Now he has delivered a wonderful seminar to teach me how to present more like he can. Absolutely outstanding! Thanks Frank!”
— Paul Leflamme, President & CEO, Centrend
“I will go over this note book every time before I speak or make a presentation in order to improve my skills. Thank you Frank, you are the best!”
— Steve Park, Area Developer, Glamour Secrets
“Frank is able to effectively communicate ways to help feel and look more comfortable in front of a group.”
— Christine Miller, Owner, Oceans Promotions
“Thanks Frank! This is an area that I really need to improve. . . I will put your suggestions to good use.”
— Bill Sweeny, President, Advanced Business Systems
“Wow! That was so much fun . . . more fun than I thought I would have after working all day. It went by so fast. I didn't have any time to daydream. You had my full attention. Thanks Frank!”
— Lynda Garieri, Owner, Hair Gallery Salon & Spa
“Frank literally teaches us the power of positive speechmaking through his own presentation. Excellent execution and all-applicable to making us better presenters.”
— Mike McGonigle, Owner, Homestead Inspection Services, Inc.
“This was a great workshop! The time flew by and I could listen to Frank for hours more. Practical advice that I will use right away!”
— Denise Kush, Ultra Sound, St. Vincent Hospital
“When Frank speaks, everyone listens. All the material could help me get more out of my 60-second commercials.”
— Joyce Stocks, Owner, Green Thumb
“Thank you for making this seminar so enjoyable. I plan to work on each of the points made.”
— Linda Turgen, Owner, Inspiring Solutions Staging & Redesign Group
“Frank showed me simple, easy-to-remember tips to engage the audience and understand how I can measure my effectiveness instantly.”
— Barbara Liftman, Attorney, Law Office of Barbara S. Liftman
“I think Frank is one of the best speakers I know. I would recommend his services to anyone.”
— Michael Brady, Owner, Allover Media Central MA
“Your seminar was jam-packed with great information to help me be a better speaker and to learn what others may be (probably are) thinking. The time flew by.”
— Les Gardner, Owner, Les Gardner Photography
“Great information. I can put it into action almost immediately.”
— Sara Greene, Owner, Alternatives for Health
“Frank has provided me with the skill points to polish my presentation. This will enhance my confidence when speaking.”
— Mark Amadio, President, AMCOMM Wireless
“Frank really hits the fear right off the bat and made me see myself speaking with confidence and in a relaxed manner. It made a difference!”
— Dave Derrah, Vice President, OverVIEW, Inc.
“Frank is a fantastic presenter. His tips and strategies are simple and effective. With these strategies I am certain that I will be speaking with great confidence.”
— Nick Gravel, Owner, Arborstone Tree and Landscape
“I am generally a confident speaker, but some of your techniques will certainly improve my speaking. I found a lot of help in what you taught about hand gestures and eye contact. Even a good speaker can sometimes have trouble with hand movement. I thought your presentation was excellent, and it was great that you held my attention the entire time . . . Thanks!”
— Jonathan Alves, Sales Training, Systematics, Inc.
“Everyone could benefit in multiple ways no matter how much experience they have in public speaking. Frank is very relaxed and makes even the most nervous audience relax.”
— Scott Stratton, IMS Director, Systematics, Inc.
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