Exhibit Strategies that Work: Turing Your Trade Show Expense into a Profit

Do you exhibit at trade shows? Is it worth it? How well are you driving sales, branding and communicating your message?

Discover what to do before the show to increase traffic up to 30%. Learn how to attract the right prospects to your booth, capture their information and set appointments in minutes.

On average only 20% of leads receive follow up! Why? How can you ensure all your leads are pursued to maximize sales?

  • Why do you exhibit?
  • Are your objectives aligned with your strategy?
  • Pre-show: The best way to get your top prospects to visit.
  • Avoiding the four most common and deadly mistakes during the show.
  • Six secrets your staff must know in order to stop and qualify the right prospects.
  • Role playing pays.
  • Using incentives to get team results.
  • What's your qualification script? Does it take under two minutes?
  • Discover the secret to getting a commitment for the next step from your prospect.
  • Why unranked leads are barely more valuable than a cold-calling list.
  • How to rank leads for effective follow-up.
  • How to make attendees earn your premiums.
  • Why does the value of a trade show lead diminish 15% each week?
  • Don't fool yourself — most leads get no follow-up.
  • Getting a thank you to your prospect before the competition does.
  • Now you're warm calling; so design a script to get the face-to-face.
  • Closing the sale — the real reason you exhibit.
  • What's the lifetime value of your customer?
  • Measure the ROI. Expenses and opportunity cost: was it worth it?
  • Making changes to improve the next show.

Program options:

  • Option 1: Staff Training
    Half-day training on boothmanship for your expo staff. In-person, hands-on seminar.
  • Option 2: Trade Show Success System
    For exhibit managers. Training occurs over a one-month period.
  • Option 3: Have us generate leads at your show
  • Option 4: Ask about custom programs.

Who should attend?

Sales and marketing professionals who benefit from boosting the bottom line through exhibiting opportunities. Anyone who is responsible for determining trade show budget.

Rave Reviews & Results

Procter & Gamble
“Increased qualified leads 40% . . .”
“Increased qualified leads at least 50% . . .”
Attune Systems, Inc.
“Increased qualified leads 145% . . .”
OFS, a Furukawa Company
“Increased leads by 300% . . . ”
I F Engineerring Corp
“Increased leads 300% - 400% over last few years . . .”
OraSure Technologies, Inc.
“Increased ROI eightfold . . .”

“187% increase in leads . . .” (read the full testimonial)
Northeast Energy Partners
“Frank's worth every penny of it . . .”
Vencom Communications, Inc.
“Helped us increase our productivity by over 300% . . .”
“It was a pleasure working with you and Claire for our conference in Boston. Claire was adept at qualifying leads for our sales team, so our team members were able to spend more time with potential clients. My entire team was impressed with Claire's professionalism and ability to attract top prospects to the booth. Having her at the conference definitely helped us generate more qualified leads. We are looking forward to working with you and Claire again at next year's conference!”
— Karrie Meehan, Marketing Manager, Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, Inc.
“As a result of Frank's work, we were able to screen prospects without making them defensive. Our booth traffic was at least doubled because of Frank's engaging personality and professional manner. Even though our booth was one of the smaller ones at the show, Frank made sure we were noticed by everyone.”
— Steven J. Burke, Vice President, CrossPoint Technologies, Inc.
“The bottom line is that you increased our qualified leads by 125%... we plan to have you at every trade show we schedule.”
— Richard J. Crici, Ed.D. CEO, Aesthetic Centers of Excellence
“We are unanimous here in declaring the show a great overall success. The focus that your methods created on our team was a critical factor in many areas: defining roles, unifying all aspects of our presentation, specifying show targets and quantifying goals. For example, we have actual figures for stops-per-hour and handoffs-per-hour, booth traffic by the hour, and which members of our team were most successful in which roles.

Beyond the technical aspects, the show was simply more fun to do. As a team we determined to make a colorful presence with a low-key, fun attitude. That was great for us, and the enthusiasm caught on at the show. We won a booth award and had activity at our booth -- and the energy to handle it -- just about the full ten hours.

So, thank you for the good direction. We expect to use it even more effectively in 2008.”
— Bob Chernisky, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“You were entertaining, informative and easy to listen to. I appreciate that you worked hard to stay focused, on topic and on schedule. Most of you said is simple, inexpensive and useful and is the type of things that people fail to do at shows. Thanks a lot.”
— Ron Chernisky, Document Output Specialist, Expert Laser Services Inc.
“Thorough presentation. Excellent teamwork.”
— Steve Mac Auway, Sales Rep, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“The information given to us provides a great framework to use for trade shows.”
— Michael Carpentier, President, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“Having you at our booth doubled our leads at a minimum.”
— Jeffery Alan Sekscenski, Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
“You were amazing, and you helped make it a real success.”
— Michael Murphy, Sales Representative, Pfizer
“Can't wait to use the information presented today to increase our qualified leads and ROI. Very useful!”
— Lisa Faford, Office Manager, Genesis Consolidated Services, Inc.
“Excellent Job! You have done a fantastic job! Especially because you distilled all of your experience and gave us the ‘golden nuggets.’”
— Kate Bonner, Jillian's Billiards
“You were great! You gave us information that is crucial for us to know at upcoming events. I would definitely come to another program you were offering.”
— Shannon Johnston, Enrollment Services Coordinator, Nichols College
“Enjoyed the presentation very much. I learned some important points of which I believe will benefit our school and enrollment. Thank you.”
— Greg St. Jacques, Director, Central Mass School of Massage & Therapy
“The energy that you exude is magnetic. You want to learn more about their knowledge on the subject and they make the class entertaining with your curiosity growing as to how to be a better (exhibit) presenter using these tactics.”
— Jonelle Garfoli, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
“Excellent Presentation! Well spoken, with great ideas and tips.”
— Tony Marini, CSSM, TD Bank North
“I came to the training with low expectations — ‘Not another seminar!’ I was very impressed with the simplicity (easy to remember) and dynamic presentation that kept me interested from start to finish.”
— Tom O'Brien, Sales Manager, Sturbridge Host Hotel
“I think you did great! The presentation was straightforward, to-the-point, as well as being very informative and easy to use. Thanks!”
— Lori Connor, Co-founder & President of Marketing, the Commercial and Financial Exchange (CAFE)
“This is very important because we can learn how to communicate with people that can be our customers in the future. We can increase our business.”
— Andres Perez, Client Manager — Announcement, Worcester Power 1310
“We will be sure to use these ideas and suggestions.”
— Tony Martowska, Account Service Manager, Lively Insurance Brokerage
“Great job! It was a pleasure to listen to you!”
— Denise Kapulka, Sales Manager, Knights Airport Limousine
“Great Enthusuasm! Showed great techniques from stopping the traffic to getting the right leads.”
— Larry Altabelli, Partner, Allatar
“You showed surefire ways to improve our trade show success.”
— Rob Burton, CEO Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist, Massages By Rob
“Without a doubt, the strategies that you presented will help Centrend maximize our trade show Return On Investment.”
— Paul LaFlamme, President & CEO, Centrend, Inc.
“Thank you! I am now an educated and trained trade show exhibitor.”
— Mark Lewandowski, Owner/Operator, Lewandowski Painting
“You were dynamic. You gave me the important rules of what to do and what not to do in your booth. I left wanting more.”
— Kelly Hebert, Sallhofer
“In your clear, enthusiastic manner, you simplified and enriched the trade show experience! Excellent!”
— Donna Wolfe, Owner, Donna Wolfe Consulting
“I loved the energy of your team and the no nonsense and genuine approach to reaching potential customers. The information was concise, and useful. It was well worth the drive from Boston, and you are an engaging edutainer.”
— Robin Samora, President, Partner Promotions
“Thank you for helping get us into the groove on exhibiting for the first time.”
— Linda Turgeon, President/Head Designer, Inspiring Solutions Staging & Redesign
“Yesterday we did not have Frank at the Dental Show at the Boston Convention Center; today we did and the result is over 300% increase in qualified leads.”
— Randy Benoit, Director of Business Development, Vencom, Inc.
“We exhibit a lot; previously it was hard to get the right people into our booth. Frank was cordial and engaging. He brought in qualified leads so that we weren't wasting our time. Frank was worth every penny!”
— Brian Pioggia, Director of Business Development, Northeast Energy Partners
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