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Achieve Success: Get Focused! Turn off the ringer. Quit out of email.

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

magnifying-glassFor the most part, you know what you need to accomplish in order to achieve your goals.  Procrastination is a huge inhibitor of success, especially when the tasks that need to be accomplished are difficult or make you uncomfortable.

Procrastination’s best friend is distraction, which takes many forms.  Two of the most common forms of distraction are the telephone and email.  We end up servants to these vital tools instead of masters.  We can be in the middle of a creative thought, or about to pick up the phone to make a cold call, yet we stop to check the new email that just came in.  This happens all day, and our progress on the tasks that really matter becomes fragmented and limited.

Why do we subordinate the vital activities to the trivial?  It’s easier, more comfortable and we have a reasonable “excuse”: the phone rang or a new email arrived – and it COULD be important.

Depending on you profession and the urgency of the service you deliver, it really could be urgent.  Having an emergency line for doctors, plumbers, EMTs and the like makes sense.  But for most of us, the majority of cases is that it is less important that the vital task we are supposed to be accomplishing.

If you want results, try this:

Set one or two blocks of time each day where you shut your phones, and quit out of email.  You can check them right before and right after your block of time.  Can you imagine the focus and level of follow through you will have during that time?  What will it mean to you and your business?  Try it, and let us know.

There you have it – one less speedbump on your road to success.

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Achieve Success: INTRO

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

optimism_yellowYou’ve probably pulled up to a tollbooth and admired the way the attendant smiled and said thank you (maybe not quite as much in Massachusetts). Then, at the next toll the attendant looks like he hates you. In the same day we can meet miserable downers and people that inspire us. Why is there such a difference?


In most cases, the people achieving their goals and dreams are positive, and the “victims” who have lost their vision are negative. Do you think that there is some correlation here to IQ, work ethic or tenacity? Perhaps. But have you considered that there may be a common denominator?


That common denominator is each person’s thinking. We are so focused on changing our results that we sometimes forget that our results are simply a manifestation of our behaviors. Now think about your behaviors: they are formed by your thinking.


So here you have the answer: change your thinking to change your behavior to change your results. Controlling for the “just a bad day” case, you would probably be somewhat confident that if we interviewed the friendly person at the first toll, his thinking would be quite different from the attendant at the second stop.


Keeping your eye on the prize is great, but if you are not paying attention to your thinking, you may end up indefinitely admiring your prize from afar instead of achieving it.


To come: how to improve your thinking process.

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