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Frank Damelio

Frank Damelio

Frank Damelio earned his MBA from Boston College, and he studied international business at one of Europe's leading business schools: ICADE, Madrid. His hands-on experience in corporate marketing and finance enables him to understand your business and communicate your message. Passion and ability to connect with your audience by capturing and holding interest are his hallmarks.

Since 1993, Frank Damelio has been making powerful presentations to various audiences including: CEOs and top executives, middle management, support staff, and college-level students. The results are uniformly rave reviews.

Corporate, educational and entrepreneurial experience: Frank Damelio's career progression affords him a rich and broad business perspective. After earning his MBA, he worked at The Boston Company and was in charge of the financial reporting of a group of Lehman Brothers Investment Properties. Later, he was recruited by BayBank (now Bank of America) to increase market share of their classic and gold credit card portfolio.

Then came a major shift. Thanks to the continual prodding and encouragement of his friend and former college roommate, Frank earned his license as an educator and began to teach at the high school and college level. While in the corporate world, Frank had learned to present content in a logical persuasive manner, but it was in the field of education that he developed his signature flair and techniques for connecting with the audience and holding attention.

With corporate and educational experience under his belt, Frank followed his entrepreneurial spirit and began to build the business that would become Target Intellect. By persistently marketing his uniquely entertaining and professional presentations, he has earned the business of clients such as Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, AT&T, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and many more.

When asked about what makes him unique, Frank's response is “Great ideas are widely available, but the ability to convey them in a way that inspires others to take action . . . that's where I shine.”

Robert Hackenson

Robert Hackenson

Robert Hackenson shows how memorable messages contribute to success. Rich in content and unique in delivery, his trade show system ensures an unforgettable experience that creates a lasting impact. Robert's unique approach to presentations and lead generation will continue to be the building blocks of our company's goal — to help you reach your potential be it professional development or trade show success.

Robert graduated from Western New England College in three years, with a degree in criminal justice and business. Having also studied psychology and hypnosis, Robert saw a unique opportunity to combine his degree in business with his knowledge of psychology, and apply those skills to training and the trade show industry. Working with Target Intellect's lead-generation and staff training programs, Robert helps exhibitors design strategies that deliver results.

Robert works closely with corporate sales and marketing departments that are looking to earn a better return on their company's trade show investment. By offering exhibit staff training and lead generation strategies that work, Robert established an impressive list of clients, including Sam Adams, Frito-Lay, First Data and many more. Robert also delivers customized motivational speaking to company executives, managers, and staff.

Robert's unique presentational skills were recently featured in the Boston Herald, the Telegram & Gazette, and on FOX25 news.

Carl Harvey

Carl Harvey

Carl Harvey, the founder of Success & Self-Esteem, is an accomplished and dynamic seminar leader and an award winning sales professional with more than 20 years of selling success to his credit. His company, Success & Self-Esteem, offers a unique sales training and sales development process that helps people who sell develop the selling skills and psychological competencies required for lasting selling success.

Carl is the author of the just published, path-breaking book, What's Stopping You? Building the confidence you need to succeed in sales. What's Stopping You? is the first book to integrate the science of psychology and the art of selling to help those who sell overcome the single greatest obstacle to their success and what prevents them from consistently and effectively cold-calling, qualifying and closing: their self-doubt and fear of failure.

Carl also studied and trained to be a psychotherapist before deciding to put his training into the profession he is most passionate about: sales.

Jason Kallio

Jason Kallio

Jason is a former corporate sales manager and technical salesman with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a trade show strategist, public speaker and edutainer.

With respect to trade show consulting, Jason provides strategies for before, during and after your expo to maximize your ROI. Speed of execution is the key to your trade show strategy success. He offers complete assistance and resources for generating leads, training staff and optimizing booth functionality. His expertise was showcased in articles for the Worcester Business Journal and Business West. His clients include Coca-Cola, Ingersoll Rand, Raytheon, Comcast, Capital One, AT&T and many more. Jason's clients see an increase in qualified leads ranging from 50%–600%.

In addition, Jason educates salespeople on how to build their business through networking and referral generation. His strategies are direct, easy to implement and highly effective.

Ask about Jason's edutainment and public speaking. Clients rave about the way he delivers the message in a compelling, fun and memorable way.

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