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We offer a broad array of training programs. Their common denominator?

Client certified results:

Procter & Gamble
“Increased qualified leads 40% . . .”
“Increased qualified leads at least 50% . . .”
Attune Systems, Inc.
“Increased qualified leads 145% . . .”
OFS, a Furukawa Company
“Increased leads by 300% . . . ”
I F Engineerring Corp
“Increased leads 300% - 400% over last few years . . .”
OraSure Technologies, Inc.
“Increased ROI eightfold . . .”

“187% increase in leads . . .” (read the full testimonial)
Northeast Energy Partners
“Frank's worth every penny of it . . .”
Vencom Communications, Inc.
“Helped us increase our productivity by over 300% . . .”
Paulette Carroll
Site Supervisor
Massachusetts Department of Labor & Workforce Development
North Central Career Center

“He's just done a phenomenal job . . .”
Watch testimonials from:
  • Paul Rodriguez
    — President, Natural Rhythm
  • Michael Langford
    — President, Course Pilot Financial
  • John Lampitis
    — Owner/Principal John J. Lampitis, CPA
“It was a pleasure working with you and Claire for our conference in Boston. Claire was adept at qualifying leads for our sales team, so our team members were able to spend more time with potential clients. My entire team was impressed with Claire's professionalism and ability to attract top prospects to the booth. Having her at the conference definitely helped us generate more qualified leads. We are looking forward to working with you and Claire again at next year's conference!”
— Karrie Meehan, Marketing Manager, Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, Inc.
“You were amazing, and you helped make it a real success.”
— Michael Murphy, Sales Representative, Pfizer
“Excellent Presentation! Well spoken, with great ideas and tips.”
— Tony Marini, CSSM, TD Bank North
“Your professional manner, initial set-up and specialized arrangements were greatly appreciated and top notch! Best of all, our staff had fun, a goal for which I was striving.”
— Jayne Vranos, Administration, PG&E National Energy Group
“It was a pleasure having you at the NEQC's 55th Conference Reception this year. Your program was very entertaining and our attendees were raving about your talent. You were a major part of the success of the reception dinner. Your professionalism and cooperation made working with you very easy. Congratulations on a great job and we look forward to working with you again.”
— Jay Patel, American Society for Quality NEQC 55th Conference Vice Chair
“Having you at our booth doubled our leads at a minimum.”
— Jeffery Alan Sekscenski, Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts
“Can't wait to use the information presented today to increase our qualified leads and ROI. Very useful!”
— Lisa Faford, Office Manager, Genesis Consolidated Services, Inc.
“Excellent Job! You have done a fantastic job! Especially because you distilled all of your experience and gave us the ‘golden nuggets.’”
— Kate Bonner, Jillian's Billiards
“You were great! You gave us information that is crucial for us to know at upcoming events. I would definitely come to another program you were offering.”
— Shannon Johnston, Enrollment Services Coordinator, Nichols College
“Enjoyed the presentation very much. I learned some important points of which I believe will benefit our school and enrollment. Thank you.”
— Greg St. Jacques, Director, Central Mass School of Massage & Therapy
“The energy that you exude is magnetic. You want to learn more about their knowledge on the subject and they make the class entertaining with your curiosity growing as to how to be a better (exhibit) presenter using these tactics.”
— Jonelle Garfoli, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
“I came to the training with low expectations — ‘Not another seminar!’ I was very impressed with the simplicity (easy to remember) and dynamic presentation that kept me interested from start to finish.”
— Tom O'Brien, Sales Manager, Sturbridge Host Hotel
“I think you did great! The presentation was straightforward, to-the-point, as well as being very informative and easy to use. Thanks!”
— Lori Connor, Co-founder & President of Marketing, the Commercial and Financial Exchange (CAFE)
“This is very important because we can learn how to communicate with people that can be our customers in the future. We can increase our business.”
— Andres Perez, Client Manager — Announcement, Worcester Power 1310
“We will be sure to use these ideas and suggestions.”
— Tony Martowska, Account Service Manager, Lively Insurance Brokerage
“Great job! It was a pleasure to listen to you!”
— Denise Kapulka, Sales Manager, Knights Airport Limousine
“Great Enthusuasm! Showed great techniques from stopping the traffic to getting the right leads.”
— Larry Altabelli, Partner, Allatar
“I can't thank you enough, Carl. I've already seen ways in which I've changed my behavior and sales skills. You're an excellent teacher. I never thought I'd look forward to a 7:30 am meeting each week, but I truly did! Your topics and style are top-notch!”
— Michelle O'Brien, sales professional, Yahoo!
“Carl's course is excellent! It provides straightforward, real-world selling techniques that will make an immediate impact on your bottom line.”
— Kevin Lister, President, Paradigm Strategies
“By implementing just a few of Carl Harvey's sales techniques, I was able to lock down three new appointments with executive-level decision makers in just one week. The result? Two new Fortune 100 clients for the new year.”
— Kathleen Aston, CEO, Dragon Direct Marketing
“Both the rookie sales person and the seasoned veteran should embrace Carl's techniques. I can attest his concepts contributed to my professional sales behavioral changes, and catapulted my sales career.”
— Justus Anderson, ADT Security Systems
“Carl's instruction is very applicable, and very well presented. Especially enjoyed the emphasis on self-esteem as the foundation of successful selling.”
— Toni Clark, Yahoo!
“Carl Harvey has been instrumental in the sales growth our company has achieved over the past three years. His training techniques and system have equipped our company with an edge that has proven to be invaluable. Carl quickly identified our company's strengths and customized his program based on our organizations short and long term goals. I highly recommend Carl and his proven program.”
— Anthony J. Froio, President, South Shore Security, Inc.
“Salespeople are constantly told, ‘when you're telling you're not selling.’ The problem is, no one shows salespeople the alternative to ‘telling.’ Carl Harvey's training provides that alternative. His questioning techniques and selling strategies show salespeople how they can begin to have real conversations with their prospects and clients. His powerful and practical techniques will help our already successful sales team move up to another level.”
— Larry Weiss, President, Atlantic – Tomorrow's Office
“After our coaching session, I had six scheduled sales presentations over the next three day. I practiced the script you laid out for me on my way to these appointments, and used them during the presentations. It actually worked! Out of those six, four turned into immediate sales; 1 was able to schedule a return appointment for the fifth, and the last was closed within 24 hours. I now know I can overcome my hardest obstacles and my unsubstantiated fears. It was amazing! All my customers could do was sign. Carl, thank you!”
— Sharon Riley, Sales Representative, Nightwatch Protection
“Carl Harvey brings to his speaking engagements a balance of practical information, humor and anecdote to help even the novice sales person overcome the fear of cold calling. He quickly identifies where you are deficient and creates a plan to help you overcome every possible ‘sales stall’ tactic. You come away from a speaking or coaching session with Carl ready to tackle your next sales situation armed with proven technique.”
— Celia A. Couture, President, CC Consulting
“Carl Harvey utilizes his career experiences, both positive and negative to motivate and educate those attending his sales seminars. Attendees relate best to a situation when they know someone else has gone through that same experience. That's the best type of teaching method.”
— Christine A. Hagopian, Director of Programs, Printing Industries of New England (PINE)
“Carl Harvey's powerful presentations give people a way to grow their confidence, whether as a sales person or as a job seeker, allowing them to perform whatever tasks they need to perform. He is great for both presentations and seminars and has a method that moves people forward.”
— Larry Elle, Wind Networking
“Carl Harvey is amazing. It was my good fortune to attend one of his presentations. His one-hour talk had an immediate effect on my approach to finding and bringing in new sales. It improved my sales ability, and increased my effectiveness on the first call I made the following morning! As a longtime student of sales, the ‘Ah-ha!’ moments are few and far between now, but Carl delivered. I can't wait to learn more.”
— Marcus W. Muirhead, Executive Director, Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association
“You showed surefire ways to improve our trade show success.”
— Rob Burton, CEO Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist, Massages By Rob
“Without a doubt, the strategies that you presented will help Centrend maximize our trade show Return On Investment.”
— Paul LaFlamme, President & CEO, Centrend, Inc.
“Thank you! I am now an educated and trained trade show exhibitor.”
— Mark Lewandowski, Owner/Operator, Lewandowski Painting
“You were dynamic. You gave me the important rules of what to do and what not to do in your booth. I left wanting more.”
— Kelly Hebert, Sallhofer
“In your clear, enthusiastic manner, you simplified and enriched the trade show experience! Excellent!”
— Donna Wolfe, Owner, Donna Wolfe Consulting
“I loved the energy of your team and the no nonsense and genuine approach to reaching potential customers. The information was concise, and useful. It was well worth the drive from Boston, and you are an engaging edutainer.”
— Robin Samora, President, Partner Promotions
“Very well done! Great presentation!”
— Thelma Rusack, Planned Giving Officer, American Cancer Society
“Your performance was simply magnificent. Your creative level combined with your enthusiasm is a show in and of itself.”
— Jeffrey Sekscenski, Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts
“Very Informative. Frank is an entertaining speaker that keeps your attention throughout the evening.”
— Bill Augustynski, Owner, August Electric
“Our company had the good fortune of hiring Frank Damelio. What a delightful experience for all involved. From and organizer's point of view he was very professional-from checking with me ahead of time to work out the details; arriving well in time to set up; and being flexible about what would happed during that afternoon. From the audience's point of view he was absolutely great!”
— Deborah R. Small, Manager, Office and Facilities, Egenera, Inc.
“Great engaging speaker, the time flew by.”
— Liz Deluca, Owner, Red Roof Catering
“Frank is an accomplished professional speaker. Time simply flew by.”
— Stephen Paulin, President, Strategic Remarketing, LLC.
“Thank you for helping get us into the groove on exhibiting for the first time.”
— Linda Turgeon, President/Head Designer, Inspiring Solutions Staging & Redesign
“Yesterday we did not have Frank at the Dental Show at the Boston Convention Center; today we did and the result is over 300% increase in qualified leads.”
— Randy Benoit, Director of Business Development, Vencom, Inc.
“We exhibit a lot; previously it was hard to get the right people into our booth. Frank was cordial and engaging. He brought in qualified leads so that we weren't wasting our time. Frank was worth every penny!”
— Brian Pioggia, Director of Business Development, Northeast Energy Partners
“What a great program you did for us!!! You accomplished a bunch of things for us. First, we hoped you would motivate our staff. Next, we wanted them to see a vision about excellence; to become energized about the value of their contribution to their customers; and feel empowered to act. You did all of these and much more. We have never had a presenter at one of our professional development days receive more positive comments form our staff.”
— John F. Miner, Diretor, North Central Career Centers
“I attended this presentation on motivation and team building and it was very rewarding. You balanced the right blend of professional, thought provoking content material with humor and yes, a bit of magic. You controlled the group while allowing them to express themselves in a comfortable environment. The result is a team of staff who will provide services with enhanced enthusiasm and commitment.”
— Louise J. Meyer, Director of Field Operations, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
“Thank you again for the wonderful presentation Nix the Nerves that you made to the Early Risers Toastmasters Club. As Toastmasters, we are always searching for ways to be more comfortable while engaged in public speaking. We all agreed that your presentation on this topic was one of the most concise, practical and useful that we have heard.”
— Karen Kempskie-Aquino, President, Early Risers Toastmasters
“Frank Damelio's presentation at the TS2 2005 Exhibitor Showcases was first-rate. He is an excellent public speaker, captivating the audience from beginning to end.”
— Shauna Peters, Marketing Specialist, National Trade Promotions
“I heard nothing but wonderful remarks about how amazing and talented you are! I could not have been more thrilled with your performance. Your expertise and professionalism were perfect. It was our first time holding such an event, and it was critical that we not only raise the necessary funding, but also provide a fun, exciting evening that my guests and corporate sponsors would want to come back again next year. And, with your help, Frank, we did just that!”
— Carolyn Ambrose, President, Junior League of Worcester
“Frank Damelio provided all sorts of useful advice to his listeners: on the right kind of body language, maintaining eye contact, avoiding the killer “umms” and “ahhhs” etc. He did not stumble once or miss a beat.”
— Rod Lee, Worcester T&G, The Buzz
“You did a wonderful job of focusing the message. You brought the point home about relationship banking making the difference in a world of financial institutions with commodity services. You kept everyone's attention and opened their minds to receive the message. You did your homework about the bank and related your own personal experience as a bank customer, which made us all believers. Thank you for a great evening of fun and education. You are different and better and we believe it!”
— Richard Leahy, President, Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
“I highly recommend Frank for any type of function, corporate or private. He is a top quality, dependable professional who will not disappoint.”
— Bob Nula, Senior Director of Human Resources, Cetek
“You have a great rapport with your audience and clearly know your trade. Everyone talked about it all weekend.”
— Mary Ann Houston, Secretary, Kiwanis International
“Frank Damelio wowed the audience with an on stage magical presentation, followed by individual tableside magic to the remaining attendees. It was a truly magical evening.”
— Petroleum Packaging Council Review
“I received a lot of positive feedback about your presentation and people had a very enjoyable evening. We appreciate your taking part in it and helping make it such a successful evening.”
— Lori A. Breen, Administrative Assistant to COO, St Mary's Bank
“Seminars are supposed to be boring . . . NOT YOURS!”
— Shawn O'toole, Producer, N.E. Insurance
“Thank you for helping to make our 1895 luncheon at Cyprian keyes on of the most memorable, and most talked about in years! You absolutely mesmerized and impressed everyone. In fact, we've had another event since your presentation, and I overhead several people were still talking about it.”
— Anthony J. Battista, Director of Marketing, Bay State Savings Bank
“Frank is very confident in what he presents. Excellent! Makes you feel at ease. When you attend his seminar you will feel like you are ready to tackle any presentation. Just put the tools he provides to work.”
— Christine Lucier, AVP Branch Manager, Bay State Savings Bank
“Frank was wonderful in his presentation and very energetic! It would be nice to have someone like Frank to do all our training and presentations at the bank.”
— Joel Lamerano, Assistant Branch Manager, Bay State Savings Bank
“I was scared to death about public speaking. Frank has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking, especially in front of my peers.”
— Kim Lussier, BayState Financial Services
“Great return on my investment!”
— Lucie M. Lemke, Vice President,
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
“Frank's public speaking seminar gave me the tools to become a more confident public speaker. I would highly recommend this seminar to the beginner and seasoned speaker alike.”
— Peter Connly, President, Mass Commercial Cleaning
“I was impressed with the total presentation and feel that learning about body gestures, do and don'ts will be a great help and learning tool.”
— Jack Kennedy, Operations Manager, Mass Commercial Cleaning
“I have a 45-minute presentation on November 4. I was very nervous before attending this seminar. Now I already have more confidence with the knowledge I gained today in one seminar. Great job!”
— Jo Erickson, Web Developer, Your Page Today Web Design
“These (speaking) tools are priceless, thank you!”
— Scott Garieri, President, Garieri Jewelers
“I've seen Frank present wonderfully. Now he has delivered a wonderful seminar to teach me how to present more like he can. Absolutely outstanding! Thanks Frank!”
— Paul Leflamme, President & CEO, Centrend
“I will go over this note book every time before I speak or make a presentation in order to improve my skills. Thank you Frank, you are the best!”
— Steve Park, Area Developer, Glamour Secrets
“Frank is able to effectively communicate ways to help feel and look more comfortable in front of a group.”
— Christine Miller, Owner, Oceans Promotions
“Thanks Frank! This is an area that I really need to improve. . . I will put your suggestions to good use.”
— Bill Sweeny, President, Advanced Business Systems
“Wow! That was so much fun . . . more fun than I thought I would have after working all day. It went by so fast. I didn't have any time to daydream. You had my full attention. Thanks Frank!”
— Lynda Garieri, Owner, Hair Gallery Salon & Spa
“Frank literally teaches us the power of positive speechmaking through his own presentation. Excellent execution and all-applicable to making us better presenters.”
— Mike McGonigle, Owner, Homestead Inspection Services, Inc.
“This was a great workshop! The time flew by and I could listen to Frank for hours more. Practical advice that I will use right away!”
— Denise Kush, Ultra Sound, St. Vincent Hospital
“When Frank speaks, everyone listens. All the material could help me get more out of my 60-second commercials.”
— Joyce Stocks, Owner, Green Thumb
“Thank you for making this seminar so enjoyable. I plan to work on each of the points made.”
— Linda Turgen, Owner, Inspiring Solutions Staging & Redesign Group
“Frank showed me simple, easy-to-remember tips to engage the audience and understand how I can measure my effectiveness instantly.”
— Barbara Liftman, Attorney, Law Office of Barbara S. Liftman
“I think Frank is one of the best speakers I know. I would recommend his services to anyone.”
— Michael Brady, Owner, Allover Media Central MA
“Your seminar was jam-packed with great information to help me be a better speaker and to learn what others may be (probably are) thinking. The time flew by.”
— Les Gardner, Owner, Les Gardner Photography
“Great information. I can put it into action almost immediately.”
— Sara Greene, Owner, Alternatives for Health
“Frank has provided me with the skill points to polish my presentation. This will enhance my confidence when speaking.”
— Mark Amadio, President, AMCOMM Wireless
“Fantastic! Nothing less than Fantastic!”
— Ben Hall, Founder, OverVIEW, Inc.
“Frank really hits the fear right off the bat and made me see myself speaking with confidence and in a relaxed manner. It made a difference!”
— Dave Derrah, Vice President, OverVIEW, Inc.
“Frank is a fantastic presenter. His tips and strategies are simple and effective. With these strategies I am certain that I will be speaking with great confidence.”
— Nick Gravel, Owner, Arborstone Tree and Landscape
“Frank's ideas and examples on how to apply them to my business situation will undoubtedly help me grow my business. Finding useful and applicable sales and persuasion ideas is difficult and daunting . . . Frank makes it easy.”
— Jay Gallant, Project Architect, Gary Moyer Architect
“I am generally a confident speaker, but some of your techniques will certainly improve my speaking. I found a lot of help in what you taught about hand gestures and eye contact. Even a good speaker can sometimes have trouble with hand movement. I thought your presentation was excellent, and it was great that you held my attention the entire time . . . Thanks!”
— Jonathan Alves, Sales Training, Systematics, Inc.
“Everyone could benefit in multiple ways no matter how much experience they have in public speaking. Frank is very relaxed and makes even the most nervous audience relax.”
— Scott Stratton, IMS Director, Systematics, Inc.
“Frank is a future super star on the public speaking circuit so hire him now while you can afford him. I have seen him speak three times and each time I am amazed at his poise, showmanship, and most importantly the quality of the material he presents. If you are looking for a speaker for your event or corporate development program, Frank is your man.”
— Michael Langford, President, Course Pilot Financial
“Frank's presentation was the perfect marriage of content and presentation, which is what I expected. What impressed me was how spot on he was on every level. Frank's valuable information should be in every salesperson and presenter's back pocket. It will be in mine!”
— Paul Rodriguez, President, Natural Rhythm websites and marketing
“Very interesting and educational! Anyone who wants to bring their business to the next level and be sincere should attend this seminar.”
— Kim Lussier, Producer, Oxford Insurance Agency
“Frank is a terrific speaker who uses amazing examples to reinforce his message. People remember examples so the benefits of this seminar will be remembered easily. Frank is a must for any person in sales.”
— Harry Hough, Partner, Bisceglia Steiman & Fudeman, LLP
“Frank has mastered the art of presentation and persuasion. I highly recommend that you attend on of his seminars to learn his methods of successful communication and increase your skills and bottom line.”
— Stephen Paulin, President, Strategic Auctions, Inc.
“Frank's seminar was not only educational and informative, but fun. I would definitely attend any seminars he offers.”
— Heidi Brooks, Owner, A Tight Ship
“Great presentation Frank! Tons of useful information that I will apply to myself in business situations. Great mix of the art and science of persuasion.”
— Dale, Shadbegian, Owner, Goodfellas Construction
“Excellent delivery and material. Well presented! Good for anyone in the sales capacity.”
— Gradie Winslow, Ink Again, LLC.
“Very interesting and real. Extremely informative. Presentation was captivating and thought-provoking. Thank you Frank!”
— John Lampitis, Owner/Principal John J. Lampitis, CPA
“Frank rocks! Frank's delivery is amazing; he's a master performer and a master of persuasion.”
— Peter Caputa, Founder, Whizspark, Inc.
“Fascinating! Frank did spark an interest. This was the most productive presentation I've attended in my 22-plus years in business.”
— David W. Lima, Attorney, Law Offices of David W. Lima
“I enjoyed this seminar, especially because you pointed out how this “piece” of the seminar was applicable to my business. Your speaking style is outstanding and very engaging. You immediately connected to the audience and made the time fly! Thank You.”
— Kate Hyland Mercer, Owner, Business Concepts, Inc.
“Wonderful, concise and accurate pointers. I believe it was well researched and has proven results. Very sincere!”
— Bob Noreau, Outside Sales, Metro Sign and Awning
“Truly Magical! Frank's observations will help me to be more confident in my approach to networking. Frank practices what he preaches — a sign that he truly believes these techniques to be effective; and he is a stunning example of how well the techniques work.”
— Linda Sevier, President, Pagetender Web Services
“I found the seminar to be both entertaining and useful. Your presentation was great because it moved at a good pace and you engaged your audience very well. You were obviously prepared and organized.”
— Rick Anderson, Gaudette Insurance Agency, Inc.
“The presentation was great. I loved the real-life examples and the time flew by. I wish we scheduled more time for you because we were all enjoying it.”
— ” Marco Scioletti, Senior Mortgage Advisor,, Inc.
“Your facial expressions, hand movement and general body language perfectly underscored your message. This way, you give best testimony of the 'pearls' you try to give people to take home. I am certified by the Bureau for Research on Teaching to observe and analyze teaching. Your seminar was:
  1. Thoroughly researched
  2. Carefully structured
  3. Presented by you in an entertaining way, which actively engaged your audience and conveyed real-life applicability.
  4. Presented on paper with clarity and transparency (ample room for note taking)
Overall, your presentation was as instructive as it was enjoyable.”
— Wendy Wagner, Ph.D., Founder, German Language Systems
“Frank is an instantly likeable guy who conveys tremendous enthusiasm and a broad range of easily applicable tips for productive sales. Frank's approach is fun-filled. After this seminar with Frank, I am excited to go out, persuade the world and make money doing it.”
— Lisa Kirby-Gibbs, President, Highland-March Executive Suites
“As a result of Frank's work, we were able to screen prospects without making them defensive. Our booth traffic was at least doubled because of Frank's engaging personality and professional manner. Even though our booth was one of the smaller ones at the show, Frank made sure we were noticed by everyone.”
— Steven J. Burke, Vice President, CrossPoint Technologies, Inc.
“We are unanimous here in declaring the show a great overall success. The focus that your methods created on our team was a critical factor in many areas: defining roles, unifying all aspects of our presentation, specifying show targets and quantifying goals. For example, we have actual figures for stops-per-hour and handoffs-per-hour, booth traffic by the hour, and which members of our team were most successful in which roles.

Beyond the technical aspects, the show was simply more fun to do. As a team we determined to make a colorful presence with a low-key, fun attitude. That was great for us, and the enthusiasm caught on at the show. We won a booth award and had activity at our booth -- and the energy to handle it -- just about the full ten hours.

So, thank you for the good direction. We expect to use it even more effectively in 2008.”
— Bob Chernisky, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“You were entertaining, informative and easy to listen to. I appreciate that you worked hard to stay focused, on topic and on schedule. Most of you said is simple, inexpensive and useful and is the type of things that people fail to do at shows. Thanks a lot.”
— Ron Chernisky, Document Output Specialist, Expert Laser Services Inc.
“Thorough presentation. Excellent teamwork.”
— Steve Mac Auway, Sales Rep, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“The information given to us provides a great framework to use for trade shows.”
— Michael Carpentier, President, Expert Laser Services, Inc.
“The bottom line is that you increased our qualified leads by 125%... we plan to have you at every trade show we schedule.”
— Richard J. Crici, Ed.D. CEO, Aesthetic Centers of Excellence
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