Creating a Winning Team

Nobody does it alone. Achieving organizational goals requires more than talent. Creating synergy through an understanding of the big picture is essential.

Discover the team-building philosophy in this fun, exciting and participatory seminar.

  • Discovering the team
  • Is there such thing as a weakest link?
  • Harnessing synergy
  • The greatest roadblocks to teambuilding
  • The game
  • Forms of competition
  • Private recognition
  • Public praise
  • When peer pressure is a good thing
  • Counterbalancing weakness
  • Converting critic to stakeholder
  • Power of accountability
  • Why empathy is underrated
  • Consequences of organizational politics
  • Achieving the big picture

Program options:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar

Who should attend?

Members of a group, division, department, or organization who will benefit from working as a team.

Rave Reviews

Paulette Carroll
Site Supervisor
Massachusetts Department of Labor & Workforce Development
North Central Career Center

“He's just done a phenomenal job . . .”
“What a great program you did for us!!! You accomplished a bunch of things for us. First, we hoped you would motivate our staff. Next, we wanted them to see a vision about excellence; to become energized about the value of their contribution to their customers; and feel empowered to act. You did all of these and much more. We have never had a presenter at one of our professional development days receive more positive comments form our staff.”
— John F. Miner, Diretor, North Central Career Centers
“I attended this presentation on motivation and team building and it was very rewarding. You balanced the right blend of professional, thought provoking content material with humor and yes, a bit of magic. You controlled the group while allowing them to express themselves in a comfortable environment. The result is a team of staff who will provide services with enhanced enthusiasm and commitment.”
— Louise J. Meyer, Director of Field Operations, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
“You did a wonderful job of focusing the message. You brought the point home about relationship banking making the difference in a world of financial institutions with commodity services. You kept everyone's attention and opened their minds to receive the message. You did your homework about the bank and related your own personal experience as a bank customer, which made us all believers. Thank you for a great evening of fun and education. You are different and better and we believe it!”
— Richard Leahy, President, Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
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