Projecting the Executive Persona

Fair or not, your ability to get things done through other people is dependent upon how they perceive you.

Projecting the Executive Persona will enable you to exhibit competence and confidence from the first handshake. You will learn how to make a winning initial impression, create immediate rapport and build on that foundation.

The beauty of projecting an executive persona is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • How important is perception?
  • How is your body language shouting your feelings before you utter your first words?
  • Developing your body language to deliver your message.
  • Do the subtleties of a handshake really matter?
  • What is the one greatest mistake committed when people make eye contact?
  • Can we avoid the pain of forgetting names? Is there an easier way?
  • How simple is it to turn sharp critics into loyal supporters?
  • How can you alter your pacing to project confidence, even when you feel the pressure?
  • What is the benefit of speaking with subtle authority?
  • Developing a winning vocabulary.
  • What are the secrets to stop another from power-playing you?
  • Commanding attention when it best serves you.
  • How do we implement these strategies on a daily basis so our persona creates the right image?

Program options:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar
  • Option 3: Two-day hands-on workshop (Limited seating: 15 maximum)

Who should attend?

Executives, salespeople, managers and anyone who interacts with others on a frequent basis.

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