The reality is that the best candidate does not always get the offer. The person with the best interviewing skills is most likely rewarded with the position. Exceptional interviewing skills are mastered in this seminar.

  • Internal vs. external interviews
  • Empathy: how to see the interviewing process from the interviewer's perspective.
  • How does preparing for these ten questions enable you to expertly answer hundreds?
  • What are the five things you should know about the company?
  • Distinguish yourself by calling on these two people before your interview.
  • How do you avoid answering like everyone else?
  • Using adjectives without specific examples is simply bragging.
  • Format to an impressive answer
  • Hallmarks of the professional
  • Interviewing is a two way street
  • Body language communicates 60% of your message.
  • While you wait . . .
  • What do you do if the interviewer makes you wait over 30 minutes?
  • The key to making a great first impression
  • Your physical pace says a great deal about you.
  • What does each seated position telegraph to the interviewer?
  • Making the right amount of eye contact. The trick to avoiding awkward eye contact.
  • The secret to eliminating "ums" and "ahs"
  • Exhibiting confidence even when you feel the pressure.
  • The effective paradigm to deal with negative questions
  • Why they ask curveball questions and how to hit them out of the park.
  • What are the final three questions you must ask?
  • Follow-up and follow-through: Don't do exactly what everyone else does.
  • Negotiating the offer is an art

Program options:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar
  • Option 3: Personal coaching

Who should attend?

Employees of companies that promote from within. Anyone looking to sharpen interviewing skills with the objective of career advancement.

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