Power of Persuasion: Live Training or CD Audio Seminar

The ability to persuade may be the most important skill to achieving personal and organizational goals. Discovering the art and science of persuasion is arguably the most empowering experience.

  • What are the six proven pillars of persuasion?
    How do you master them to get the outcome you desire?
  • Why do sales strategies without persuasion techniques fall flat?
  • Is there a real difference between manipulation and persuasion?
  • How can you tell when others are being dishonest with you?
  • Using your body language to open others to your way of thinking.
  • What do your hand movements have to do with how others perceive you?
  • Are synonyms really the same?
    Research shows which words are deadly and which are effective.
  • Why is likeability so important and how can you quickly establish it?
  • Using the law of reciprocity to get others to join your initiatives.
  • It's not what you ask for, but the way you ask for it.
  • Authority: How do you project it?
  • How do you use scarcity to get others to act now?
  • The principle of "negging", and how it can work to your advantage.
  • Implementation: How do you incorporate these techniques on a daily basis?

Program options:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar

Who should attend?

Executives, salespeople, managers and anyone who needs to convince others.

Buy the Audio Seminar CD

Double CD — 130 minutes of powerful persuasion techniques that deliver immediate results.

Rave Reviews

Watch testimonials from:
  • Paul Rodriguez
    — President, Natural Rhythm
  • Michael Langford
    — President, Course Pilot Financial
  • John Lampitis
    — Owner/Principal John J. Lampitis, CPA
“Frank is a future super star on the public speaking circuit so hire him now while you can afford him. I have seen him speak three times and each time I am amazed at his poise, showmanship, and most importantly the quality of the material he presents. If you are looking for a speaker for your event or corporate development program, Frank is your man.”
— Michael Langford, President, Course Pilot Financial
“Frank's presentation was the perfect marriage of content and presentation, which is what I expected. What impressed me was how spot on he was on every level. Frank's valuable information should be in every salesperson and presenter's back pocket. It will be in mine!”
— Paul Rodriguez, President, Natural Rhythm websites and marketing
“Very interesting and educational! Anyone who wants to bring their business to the next level and be sincere should attend this seminar.”
— Kim Lussier, Producer, Oxford Insurance Agency
“Frank's ideas and examples on how to apply them to my business situation will undoubtedly help me grow my business. Finding useful and applicable sales and persuasion ideas is difficult and daunting . . . Frank makes it easy.”
— Jay Gallant, Project Architect, Gary Moyer Architect
“Frank is a terrific speaker who uses amazing examples to reinforce his message. People remember examples so the benefits of this seminar will be remembered easily. Frank is a must for any person in sales.”
— Harry Hough, Partner, Bisceglia Steiman & Fudeman, LLP
“Frank has mastered the art of presentation and persuasion. I highly recommend that you attend on of his seminars to learn his methods of successful communication and increase your skills and bottom line.”
— Stephen Paulin, President, Strategic Auctions, Inc.
“Frank's seminar was not only educational and informative, but fun. I would definitely attend any seminars he offers.”
— Heidi Brooks, Owner, A Tight Ship
“Great presentation Frank! Tons of useful information that I will apply to myself in business situations. Great mix of the art and science of persuasion.”
— Dale, Shadbegian, Owner, Goodfellas Construction
“Excellent delivery and material. Well presented! Good for anyone in the sales capacity.”
— Gradie Winslow, Ink Again, LLC.
“Very interesting and real. Extremely informative. Presentation was captivating and thought-provoking. Thank you Frank!”
— John Lampitis, Owner/Principal John J. Lampitis, CPA
“Frank rocks! Frank's delivery is amazing; he's a master performer and a master of persuasion.”
— Peter Caputa, Founder, Whizspark, Inc.
“Fascinating! Frank did spark an interest. This was the most productive presentation I've attended in my 22-plus years in business.”
— David W. Lima, Attorney, Law Offices of David W. Lima
“I enjoyed this seminar, especially because you pointed out how this “piece” of the seminar was applicable to my business. Your speaking style is outstanding and very engaging. You immediately connected to the audience and made the time fly! Thank You.”
— Kate Hyland Mercer, Owner, Business Concepts, Inc.
“Wonderful, concise and accurate pointers. I believe it was well researched and has proven results. Very sincere!”
— Bob Noreau, Outside Sales, Metro Sign and Awning
“Truly Magical! Frank's observations will help me to be more confident in my approach to networking. Frank practices what he preaches — a sign that he truly believes these techniques to be effective; and he is a stunning example of how well the techniques work.”
— Linda Sevier, President, Pagetender Web Services
“I found the seminar to be both entertaining and useful. Your presentation was great because it moved at a good pace and you engaged your audience very well. You were obviously prepared and organized.”
— Rick Anderson, Gaudette Insurance Agency, Inc.
“The presentation was great. I loved the real-life examples and the time flew by. I wish we scheduled more time for you because we were all enjoying it.”
— ” Marco Scioletti, Senior Mortgage Advisor, Loansnap.com, Inc.
“Your facial expressions, hand movement and general body language perfectly underscored your message. This way, you give best testimony of the 'pearls' you try to give people to take home. I am certified by the Bureau for Research on Teaching to observe and analyze teaching. Your seminar was:
  1. Thoroughly researched
  2. Carefully structured
  3. Presented by you in an entertaining way, which actively engaged your audience and conveyed real-life applicability.
  4. Presented on paper with clarity and transparency (ample room for note taking)
Overall, your presentation was as instructive as it was enjoyable.”
— Wendy Wagner, Ph.D., Founder, German Language Systems
“Frank is an instantly likeable guy who conveys tremendous enthusiasm and a broad range of easily applicable tips for productive sales. Frank's approach is fun-filled. After this seminar with Frank, I am excited to go out, persuade the world and make money doing it.”
— Lisa Kirby-Gibbs, President, Highland-March Executive Suites
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